Stone Harbor Custom Homes | Process


Home Plan

Whether you have an existing plan, a concept or need a plan designed or modified we can work with you in the following ways.


You bring us a completed plan and we provide a detailed bid based on agreed specifications and/or allowances. If you already have an architect we'd be happy to work with them.


Working together, we discuss your goals, needs and ideas. We use our resources to find pre-designed plans that match your criteria, or we’d be happy to help you select a reputable architect that aligns with your style. Minor revisions can be made by the plan designer.


One of the most frequently asked and hardest to answer questions for a builder is how much it will cost to build your home. In a word, $100,000 and at the same time, it could cost over a million dollars depending on the following factors: square footage, house plan, facade, lot elevation and interior design selections. Stone Harbor Custom Homes offers free consultations to help you find the perfect mix for your home building needs. There shouldn't be any surprise costs, we work closely with you to create a budget that includes all of the elements and choices for you home.

Design Selection

After the budget is agreed upon, our design team jumps into action. We are happy to accompany you to local places of business to make your design selections.


Custom, to us, means build specifically for you. We have never built the same home twice and we do not develop neighborhoods where everything looks the same.

Construction Process

At this stage we break ground and our award winning team begins building your dream home.
While the delivery timeframe for your new home depends on the plan design and specifications, we ensure you are “in the know” with detailed construction schedules.

After framing is completed we walk through the home with you before we install anything. This gives us a chance to answer specific questions concerning placement of utilities that sometimes can't be realized until the space is walkable. We review outlet and lighting placements and much more. We want you to be as involved as possible throughout the construction phase. Our goal is to exceed expectations and to ensure you enjoy the experience and process.


A custom home builder should be focused first and foremost on your needs. Longevity in building, along with reputation and references. Stone Harbor Custom Homes has been in business for over 20 years. Many of the employees, businesses and sub-contractors that we work wtih have been with us from the beginning.

It is often cheaper to have a custom home built for you than to buy an existing home. It also might seem that you will save in the end by subcontracting out the work yourself, but most of the time you won't, and this is often where people find themselves in trouble.

Stone Harbor Custom Homes has the expertise combined with builder discounts from contractors, suppliers and vendors to provide you with the best.

New Home Orientation

The New Home Orientation is our chance to demonstrate all aspects of the home so you understand how to operate, enjoy and maintain your home. We walk through each room with you reviewing every appliance, fixture and detail. Should you have any concerns, we will address and resolve them before closing. Our policy is complete customer satisfaction.

Customer Service

Stone Harbor Custom Homes provides a 1 year Builder Warranty on your new home. Our commit-
ment to you does not end at the closing table!

If you have any questions about our process or would like more information, please contact us. We hope to earn your confidence and build your dream home!


Make a list of needs and wants and then give us a call to set up time to chat. There are seriously no strings attached.